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The Secret of Being Happy at Work

A happy work environment resonates happy workforce. An employee who is happy is more collaborative, productive and can maintain good relationships with the team as per Harvard University studies. They enjoy what they do. They are extremely proud of what they deliver and offer better productivity. Here are a few ways by which we can stay happy at work.

  1. Appreciation

Who doesn’t love appreciation? Appreciation will always boost confidence and elevate spirits in a work environment. Acknowledging colleagues in the workplace boosts morale and fosters teamwork. Do not hesitate to treat and reward yourself to boost your positivity. You are special!

  1. Be inclusive and positive

All are different especially when the workforce encompasses multicultural aspects and career levels. Mutual understanding and resilience are crucial for addressing challenges effectively and crafting healthy relationships.

  1. Small celebrations

A simple gesture to wish a colleague on his/her special day with a birthday e-card will make them feel buzzed. This will create a lasting positive impact, a feeling of belonging and compassion. Put it those aspects of psychology, technology and creativity to make your colleague’s day special. You only gain and there is nothing to lose!

  1. Buddy system

Companies need to ensure that the new hires start their journey in the right direction. An induction program will ease stress and perturbation. An assigned ‘close buddy’ at the office will be of great help with simple but crucial information which will help the new hires acclimate to the company culture and environment easily.

  1. Net your emotions

We need to try to net our emotions to the best possible efficiency. Our personal worries should not hinder our focus and productivity at work. It is equally important to consider vice-versa too.

  1. Scheduling

Try to manage work with a proper schedule. This will not only help you stay organized but will help you stay relaxed and get prepared for what comes next!

  1. Eat healthy, stay hydrated and move around

We need to take time to stretch our back, hands and legs. Maybe take a small walk across the room amidst the busy schedule. Our energy levels climb to their peak when we stay hydrated and fit. Though it sounds like a mundane advice, it is the best solution to those grumpy moods.

  1. Throw out what you do not need

Keep your workplace organized and clean. A clean workspace keeps you away from distractions. You should know what you need and where you have to place them. Get rid of that unwanted clutter. Studies have proved that a messy work environment will negatively affect your psychological and professional well-being.

  1. Acceptance

You can do nothing about a confrontational colleague or an obnoxious co-worker or a tough boss. You just need to devise ways to get along with them. You also need to tactically handle and manage rumours. Try your best not to let these factors affect your productivity.

  1. Wow, Office!

Identify the stuff that brings happiness to you at work. Try to abstain from negative thoughts that increase the stress and burn you out.


All said, not every day at work is going to be a great day. Not every day will bring sunshine to your face. Your emotional quotient and willingness to proceed despite any hurdles will keep you going. Crucial long-term insights and goals that we set should be our fuel. This will ground us to balance every day, even if a facet looks different through our and others’ lenses. And don’t forget to pat your own shoulder!